Ties That Bind Us

Series 3 - Episode 3 Ties That Bind Us



Con artist JW3 arrives on the scene hoping for revenge on the bank responsible for ruining his grandfather - who sold fake gold mines on the stock market. The team step into action, with Danny posing as a City businessman, but it is not long before they come unstuck and realise their ally could be just as deceitful as they are. Richard Chamberlain guests.

Cast & Crew

James Whittaker Wright III Richard Chamberlain
Mickey Stone Adrian Lester
Danny Blue Marc Warren
Ash Morgan Robert Glenister
Stacie Monroe Jaime Murray
Albert Stroller Robert Vaughn
Eddie Rob Jarvis
Quenton Cornfoot Stephen Campbell Moore
Charles Cornfoot Terence Harvey
Cashier Ashley Powell
Tailor Tom Keller
Receptionist Cordelia Bugeja
Melissa DeMonfort Clemency Burton-Hill
Rodney David Phelan
Stewardess Natasha Estelle
Director Colm McCarthy
Producer Lucy Robinson
Writer Steve Coombes
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