The Five

Series 1 - Episode 1



The Interceptor’s O-T Fagbenle has discovered a terrible secret. You can tell because he gasps, puffs his cheeks out, hunches and grasps the table with his white-knuckled spare hand while the incidental music blares DREAAADDD.

Yes, this new mystery drama is a little unsubtle, but with a solid cast (including Downton Abbey’s Tom Cullen, George Gently’s Lee Ingleby and Him & Her’s Sarah Solemani) and an intriguing central mystery, it might just pull you in as much as any of debut TV writer Harlan Coben’s bestselling novels.

The story revolves around Jesse, the missing younger brother of lawyer Mark (Cullen) who was ditched by his older sibling and his friends only to disappear for 20 years–until his DNA shows up at a murder scene.

So is Jesse still alive, or is someone using him in some wider game? What secrets is surely-too-sunny social worker Slade (Ingleby) hiding? And what does any of this have to do with a group of kidnapped young women and a failed music producer?

Despite the occasional lack of subtlety and on-the-nose dialogue, you may not be able to resist watching on to find out.


New series. Drama created by best-selling thriller writer Harlan Coben, following four lifelong friends who are forced to revisit a tragedy from their past.

Cast & Crew

Mark Tom Cullen
Danny O-T Fagbenle
Pru Sarah Solemani
Slade Lee Ingleby