Paul O'Grady's Animal Orphans

Paul O'Grady's Animal Orphans

Series 3 - Episode 1



Liverpool’s most kindly comedian is in Borneo for a third short series of heart-warming cuddles with baby animals. And why not? He likes them, they like him, and we like both. Borneo’s rainforest is the oldest in the world, but deforestation is threatening orangutan habitats. It’s at a sanctuary supported by a British charity where Paul meets baby Archie. Staff are helping him learn to climb and swing, but being saved also means being subject to frequent medical checks, something Paul can hardly bear to watch.

He also visits a turtle hatchery where everything’s being done to help protect eggs and hatch babies, but still only one in 10,000 baby turtles survives release.


Comedian Paul O'Grady returns with another Animal Orphans, and having previously visited Africa, he now travels farther east to find out about the rehabilitation of orphaned wild animals in the Malaysian part of Borneo. In the first of two parts, he heads for the orang-utan rehabilitation centre in Sepilok, where he discovers how the animals are being threatened by forest fires, learns about the damage that overfishing is doing to sea turtles' natural habitat, and tries to persuade a gibbon to climb a tree - a skill it needs to learn before it can return to the wild.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Paul O'Grady
Executive Producer Mark Scantlebury
Series Director Jill Worsley
Documentary Nature