Bargain Shop Wars

The Good, the Bad and the Thrifty

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Good, the Bad and the Thrifty



Fashion discounter Pep & Co’s slogan is “spend a little, get a lot”. Bosses have spent a bit more than their customers might think during their advance on the UK’s high streets; we join them in the midst of opening 50 stores in 50 days, at a cost of £20 million. A very small proportion of the budget seems to have gone on Pep’s dismal HQ, where buyers are fretting that the decision to sell homewares instead of menswear was a mistake, and altering the fit of a body-skimming frock known as “the Susanna Reid”.

Out on the front line, the shops are slightly jollier, although a visit from a local rival, who doesn’t even try to hide his Primark lanyard, is not entirely welcome. A price war may be in the offing – but where do you go from three-quid knickers?


Bargain retailer Pep&Co, which already has thousands of items priced at a pound or less, takes the bold decision to launch its first sale, slashing prices by up to 70 per cent. Will it be enough to lure customers away from their rivals? There is bad news in Bolton, where the store is failing to attract custom, leaving manager Beth with some tough thinking to do if she is to save the outlet. Meanwhile, the buying team orders 30,000 wrong jumpers, which could prove a costly mistake for the company.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Elaine Hackett
Executive Producer Kerry Brierley