Britain's Treasure Islands

Ocean Odyssey

Series 1 - Episode 1 Ocean Odyssey



When smart phones can call up satellite photos of any point on Earth, you might think that there was nowhere left to be explored. Any yet, here’s “explorer and naturalist” Stewart McPherson, ready to show us distant wonders. And he’s going to do it all without leaving Britain.

The British overseas territories are 14 islands and archipelagos scattered across the world, covering seven times the area of the UK. There are 350,000 Britons living on them – including the descendants of the mutineers from HMS Bounty on Pitcairn Island, an “extinct” bird in Bermuda and the coconut crabs of the British Indian Ocean Territory: the world’s biggest (and possibly freakiest) land invertebrate. Come, say hello to your neighbours.


Explorer and naturalist Stewart McPherson travels to all the UK's Overseas Territories. His journey begins in Bermuda, in the Atlantic, where he finds ancient castles and a bird that had been thought extinct for more than 300 years. From here he sets out to the centre of the Indian Ocean, to the British Indian Ocean Territory, to find the world's biggest land invertebrate. Half a world away, he eventually reaches Pitcairn Island, lost in the vastness of the Pacific, to meet the descendants of the mutineers from the Bounty.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Stewart McPherson
Director Stewart McPherson
Producer Stewart McPherson
Series Producer Steve Nicholls