Series 5 - Episode 5 Politics



A local drop-in centre for problem kids is about to be knocked down after ruthless MP Rhona Christie de-lists the building for a profit. Manager Lennie seeks help from the con artists, who realise they could benefit from discovering how Christie does her back-handed deals. As Sean goes undercover in her office, Albert and Emma borrow the identity of a billionaire property developer and his wife, but growing tension in the team looks set to threaten the entire operation.

Cast & Crew

Mickey Stone Adrian Lester
Ash Morgan Robert Glenister
Sean Kennedy Matt Di Angelo
Emma Kennedy Kelly Adams
Albert Stroller Robert Vaughn
Eddie Rob Jarvis
MP Rhona Christie Kate Fleetwood
Lennie Roger Griffiths
Troy Steven Robertson
Miriam Jane Lowe
Michelle Alix Wilton-Regan
Jago Bennet Thorpe
Shanice Natalia Rush
Minister David Henry
JJ Kayne Lloyd Carlton
Director Martin Hutchings
Producer Kerry Appleyard
Writer Marston Bloom
Writer Fintan Ryan
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