Follow the Money

Follow the Money

Series 1 - Episode 7



Somehow halfwits Nicky and Bimse, the criminal masterminds who accidentally stole millions of tainted euros then tried a pathetic bit of blackmail, are the most appealing characters in the Danish drama.

They’re idiots, of course, and behave even more stupidly in the penultimate double bill, but at least there’s a kind of naked honesty about their crimes, so to speak, rather than the many-times-removed dirty dealings of the wind-farm company bosses. We know now that these people are murderers who will stop at nothing as they perpetrate a massive fraud.

But angry cop Mads catches a break – not at work, but in his personal life, when he unaccountably gets lucky. Wahey!


Jens Kristian shares details of Energreen's illegal setup with Mads and Alf, but the information isn't enough to prevent the firm making its long-awaited listing on the stock exchange. Claudia is shocked by what her son Bertram witnessed, and while Erik needs medical attention, Nicky and Bimse are reluctant to risk taking him to a hospital. Danish crime thriller, starring Thomas Bo Larsen. In Danish.

Cast & Crew

Mads Thomas Bo Larsen
Claudia Natalie Madueno Wolfsberg
Nicky Esben Smed
Alexander Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Kristina Line Kruse
Bimse Lucas Hansen
Ulrik Lars Simonsen
Esther Iben Ejsing Holdgaard
Jens Kristian Anders Heinrichsen
Jan Henrik Noël Olesen
The Swede Claes Ljungmark
Alf Rybjerg Thomas Hwan
Bertram Villum Eneström Valsten
Director Søren Balle
Writer Jannik Tai Mosholt
Writer Jeppe Gjervig Gram
Writer Anders Toft Andersen
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