Employable Me

Series 1 - Episode 3



Ben has Asperger’s, which means his answers in job interviews can sound a little intense. “I will give you the blood in my veins and the sweat from my brow,” he tells a woman at a firm of solicitors. “I swear it upon the very bones of the earth.”

The slightly Game of Thrones approach hasn’t helped his search for a job; when all else fails, he goes home and dons a replica medieval helmet to cut himself off from the world. (We could all use one of those.) He loves the law and has a law degree; but will any firm give him a chance? As we follow his job search we also follow 23-year-old Ellie, whose Tourette-syndrome tics make her call one interviewer a “nosy bitch”.


Two more job-seekers with Tourette's and autism try to prove they have strengths that would benefit employers. Twenty-three-year-old Ellie developed Tourette's syndrome two years ago and was forced to leave her job as a youth worker. She is desperate to find a job where she will be accepted, and a neuropsychologist helps her discover her condition is linked to strengths in areas such as empathy. Meanwhile, 27-year-old Ben, who has Asperger syndrome, lives his life by strict rules to reduce anxiety, and has devoted his adult life to studying law. Despite having two degrees, no law firm has interviewed him in the three years since he graduated. However, after meeting autism expert Professor Simon Baron Cohen, he realises Asperger syndrome should not be seen as a disability. Last in the series.