June 13th - Part Two

Series 1 - Episode 8 June 13th - Part Two

Monday 2:45am - 3:30am 5STAR


Part two of two. Erica brings in a new face to interrogate the two Noahs in the form of telepathic detective Matt Parkman, while Hiro resolves to protect Claire's newborn children.

Cast & Crew

Noah Bennett Jack Coleman
Luke Collins Zachary Levi
Tommy Clark Robbie Kay
Erica Kravid Rya Kihlstedt
Mohinda Suresh Sendhil Ramamurthy
Angela Petrelli Cristine Rose
Quentin Frady Henry Zebrowski
Hiro Nakamura Masi Oka
Molly Walker Francesca Eastwood
Harris Prime Clé Bennett
Matt Parkman Greg Grunberg
Director Allan Arkush
Executive Producer James Middleton
Executive Producer Peter Elkoff
Executive Producer Tim Kring
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