Series 1 - Episode 1



English solicitor Maya Cobbina (Sophie Okonedo) drives across the parched, blasted landscape of Louisiana, in the Deep South, to see her death row client Rudy Jones. His execution is just hours away and the pair are emotionally, irrevocably tied by his looming death after a murder conviction.

Back home in London Maya’s loving, supportive family – her husband Nick (Adrian Lester) and their three children - watch the minutes tick by as a man they have come to know faces his end.

It’s a gripping start to this thriller by Peter Moffat (Silk, The Village, Criminal Justice), a clever wrong-footing drama that springs some big surprises (though possibly not if you watch for little clues).

We are slowly drip-fed pieces of Maya’s activist past, when she became involved in a huge, infamous case, and her present, when she’s approached to interview for the role of Director of Public Prosecutions. But surely that would go against all she holds dear?


New series. Legal drama, starring Sophie Okonedo as a lawyer who returns to Britain after 20 years in the US trying to save a falsely imprisoned convict from execution. She assumes the position of Director of Public Prosecutions, and sees this as an opportunity to make a difference - starting by bringing to justice the murderers of her friend, an influential anti-racism campaigner. Meanwhile, her husband (Adrian Lester) is driven to desperate lengths to protect his family from a secret in his past.

Cast & Crew

Maya Cobbina Sophie Okonedo
Nick Johnson Adrian Lester
Rudy Jones Dennis Haysbert
Paul Brightman Derek Riddell
Jimmy Phil Davis
Clem Johnson Tamara Lawrence
Dan Johnson Daniel Ezra
Ella Johnson Shannon Hayes
Al Jude Akuwudike
Julia Redhead Angel Coulby
Dominic Carter Vincent Regan
Michael Antwi Sope Dirisu
Abigail Strickland Leanne Best
Scott Todd Kramer
Judge Kramer Jay Benedict
Attorney General Livermore Nathan Osgood
Joshua Roberts Wade McElwain
Dr Francis John Schwab
Peter Mackie Ian Peck
Sgt Douglas Trimble Glyn Grimsted
Big Ray Thomas Dominique
Fred Redhead Alex Avery
Warden Kerry Shale
Director James Hawes
Executive Producer Hilary Salmon
Producer Richard Stokes
Writer Peter Moffat
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