The Mystery of the Crossrail Skulls

The Mystery of the Crossrail Skulls


If you’re digging a giant tunnel through London as part of Europe’s biggest building project, it’s probable you’ll uncover signs of the capital’s history. But what are you supposed to think if those signs include a cluster of 39 skulls (but not the accompanying skeletons) found deep below Liverpool Street station and dating from the heyday of the Roman occupation of the city?

There are almost as many theories as there are skulls, and here, against a backdrop of City office blocks and yet-to-open cavernous Crossrail stations, three are outlined. One seems eminently plausible, the other – more gruesome – two require a little leap of faith. Jim Carter’s narration is at his most sonorous, adding to the chill factor…


Documentary examining the discovery of dozens of Roman-era skulls by engineers working beneath London's Liverpool Street station. The remains have been identified as dating back to Roman times, but it has yet to be determined who these people were and how their heads ended up buried on the site. Archaeologists examine the bones for evidence of the various theories that have been suggested, questioning whether the skulls belonged to gladiators, executed rebels or the victims of a massacre, or formed part of a grisly ritual.

Cast & Crew

Director Kenny Scott
Executive Producer Liz McLeod