Series 1 - Episode 2 Guyana



A terrific in-your-face wildlife safari in Guyana this week. “This gorgeous little crocodile is a spectacled caiman,” explains Steve Backshall as he holds up a not-so-little crocodile by the neck. As he speaks he loosens his grip and it twists out of his hands into the boat (the cameramen beats a retreat at this point). No problem – he reaches down and grabs it again.

The man simply knows no fear, as he goes on to show with electric eels (he swims with them), bullet ants and the world’s largest species of tarantula. “Come on, sweetheart!” he says, and lets the hat-sized spider walk over his hands as if it were a ladybird.


Steve Backshall travels to Guyana, home to gigantic anaconda, piranha, jaguar and other lethal predators. His adventure begins by flying 340-miles south-west from the capital Georgetown to the remote Central Rupununi rainforest. He also visits a remote stretch of the rainforest on the Mapari River, and searches for an electric eel. Aside from tracking down the bullet ant, so named because one sting feels like being shot, Steve also holds a bird-eating tarantula, and gets a rare sighting of the endangered giant river otter.

Cast & Crew

Host Steve Backshall
Executive Producer Sally Evans
Series Director Charlie Bingham
Series Producer Mark Jones