Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

The Harmful One

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Harmful One



Having probed every pocket of the US for deranged killers, the Criminal Minds franchise now goes overseas to help its citizens at risk from international psychopaths. The xenophobic message? Stay at home, Americans! At least then you can be cut to pieces by someone who speaks your goddamn language!

Heading up the new team is Gary Sinise (star of 57 seasons of CSI: New York), who’s joined by some bantering sidekicks and a cultural specialist who speaks more languages than C-3PO. For this bog-standard opener, they’re off to Thailand – although fingers crossed they one day get to track down a homicidal maniac on the mean streets of Royal Tunbridge Wells.


Drama, starring Gary Sinise as a member of a division of the FBI that handles cases beyond US borders, helping US citizens who find themselves in trouble abroad. When three Americans who have travelled to Thailand go missing, Garrett and his unit head to Bangkok to investigate. Unfortunately, time is not on their side with a violent storm looming, capable of rendering their forensic evidence useless. With Alana De La Garza.

Cast & Crew

Jack Garrett Gary Sinise
Clara Seger Alana De La Garza
Matt Simmons Daniel Henney
Russ Montgomery Tyler James Williams
Mae Jarvis Annie Funke
David Rossi Joe Mantegna
Officer Taksin Keong Sim
Director Colin Bucksey
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