The Tube: Going Underground

The Tube: Going Underground

Series 1 - Episode 1



You probably don’t have to be a London commuter to be interested in this series, but it will help. The rest of the UK may not gain much from a series on the workings of our capital’s underground, other than to marvel that it keeps running at all.

With a growing population and ageing technology (Piccadilly line trains date from 1973, we’re told), the Tube risks being at breaking point every day – and when it is the cameras are there to capture riled passengers (the villains of the piece) and long-suffering staff (the heroes). The biggest shock is the plan hatched by Tony at Holborn station to have commuters stand on both sides of the escalator. Sacrilege!


Documentary filmed over the course of a year going behind the scenes on the London transport network as it undergoes a £10bn modernisation programme to cope with record demand. At Earl's Court station, Charlotte controls the Piccadilly Line, one of London's busiest, oldest and most unreliable lines, while new recruit Naeem faces furious passengers at Bank station when a strike hits the network. Tino from the special requirements team is sent to Highbury and Islington to deal with one of the Tube's worst nightmares as rush hour coincides with a football derby.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alistair Pegg
Executive Producer Nick Hornby
Producer Zehra Yas
Series Director Simon Phillips
Documentary Education