Davina McCall: Life at the Extreme

Costa Rica - Wet

Series 1 - Episode 4 Costa Rica - Wet



This time Davina is in the “hot, sweaty, jungle hell” of Costa Rica, a country that’s drenched by 18 feet of rainfall a year. There’s no shortage of wildlife, either. She’s charmed by orphaned sloths, delighted by colourful poison dart frogs and entertained by Jesus Christ lizards, so called for their ability to “walk” on water.

She gets a little freaked out while walking through the rainforest in the dark, but that’s nothing in comparison to her fear when she spends a stormy night in a tent suspended high up in the forest canopy. The only creatures she doesn’t spot in this jungle are Ant and Dec.


Davina travels to the Costa Rican jungle, which is one of the wettest and most humid places on earth, but is a habitat in which animals thrive and is home to around 500,000 species. She learns about the ways in which creatures including sloths, poison dart frogs, tarantulas, tapirs, fer-de-lance vipers, common basilisks and spider monkeys have adapted to the conditions, before spending a night high up in the treetops of the rainforest - where a lightning striking directly overhead forces an abrupt change of plans. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Davina McCall
Executive Producer Martha Holmes
Executive Producer Grant Mansfield
Executive Producer Gavin Henderson
Series Producer Barny Revill