Fast Lane

Series 2 - Episode 12 Fast Lane



Barry and Wells's search for a way to close the breaches is sidelined by the arrival of a meta-human named Tar Pit, a villain who can not only transform himself into liquid asphalt but can also hurl fireballs. Elsewhere, Iris puts her life in danger when she finds out her brother Wally is involved in street racing and goes undercover to pull him out, but soon discovers that the drag racing scene is a risky place to be.

Cast & Crew

Barry Allen/The Flash Grant Gustin
Iris West Candice Patton
Caitlin Snow Danielle Panabaker
Cisco Ramon Carlos Valdes
Wally West Keiynan Lonsdale
Harrison Wells Tom Cavanagh
Joe West Jesse L Martin
Joey Monteleone/Tar Pit Marco Grazzini
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