Doctor Thorne

Series 1 - Episode 2



It’s a shame this waspish adaptation is only three episodes long. On the plus side, it means the plot rattles along. Trollope’s characters are bounced nicely through their scenes by Julian Fellowes’ script and when you’ve got the likes of Ian McShane tearing into the role of roguish drunkard Sir Roger Scatcherd, brandy bottle never far from his lips, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Scatcherd’s heir Louis now enters the story. He comes trailing whiffs of sulphur and casting covetous eyes over both Mary and the teetering Greshambury estate.

Young Frank Gresham, meanwhile, is pointed again at that nice American heiress and told to do his duty. The result is one of those lovely period-drama scenes where what is so touching is what is not said.


Sir Roger falls seriously ill. Dr Thorne does his best to ease the old man's pain, but feels certain that he will die soon. The railway entrepreneur's son Louis comes to see him in his last days, and to the doctor's horror, takes an immediate liking to Mary. Meanwhile, Miss Dunstable urges Frank to follow his heart despite increasing pressure from Lady Arabella to put his family's future ahead of his feelings in matters of marriage. Adaptation of Anthony Trollope's novel, starring Tom Hollander and Ian McShane.

Cast & Crew

Dr Thorne Tom Hollander
Miss Dunstable Alison Brie
Sir Roger Scatcherd Ian McShane
Lady Arabella Gresham Rebecca Front
Frank Gresham Sr Richard McCabe
Louis Scatcherd Ed Franklin
Mary Thorne Stefanie Martini
Frank Gresham Harry Richardson
Lady Scatcherd Janine Duvitski
Countess de Courcy Phoebe Nicholls
Earl de Courcy Tim McMullan
Lady Augusta Gresham Gwyneth Keyworth
Lady Beatrice Gresham Nell Barlow
Lady Alexandrina de Courcy Kate O'Flynn
Mr Moffatt Danny Kirrane
Lord Porlock Tom Bell
Cossett Ben Moor
Mr Romer David Sterne
Janet Thacker Jane Guernier
Jonah Sean Cernow
Mortimer Gazebee Nicholas Rowe
Man at Moffatt's speech Mark Carter
Footman Michael Grady-Hall
Director Niall MacCormick
Dramatised By Julian Fellowes
Executive Producer Julian Fellowes
Executive Producer Harvey Weinstein
Executive Producer Chris Kelly
Executive Producer Mark Redhead
Executive Producer Ted Childs
Executive Producer Bob Weinstein
Executive Producer Negeen Yazdi
Producer Helen Gregory
Writer Anthony Trollope
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