Dunblane: Our Story

Dunblane: Our Story


Shortly after 9.30am on 13 March 1996, Ron Taylor, headmaster of Dunblane Primary School, ran into the gym after hearing gunshots. “There was an incredible silence…the air was thick with smoke and cordite,” he tells this harrowing, haunting documentary. “It was unimaginably horrible to see children dying in front of you.”

Sixteen children and their teacher, Gwen Mayor, were murdered by gunman Thomas Hamilton who, after three minutes of slaughter, shot himself. To this day Taylor suffers spasms of guilt at Hamilton’s invadion: “It was my school.”

Twenty years on parents, siblings and survivors tell their stories with the rawest honesty. Five-year-old Mhairi McBeath’s mother Isobel waited with other parents at the school for hours after the shootings. “It was a form of torture,” she says. At 2.45pm she learned Mhairi was dead from a police officer who couldn’t bring himself to say the word. “It came as a relief because knowing was better than not knowing.”


Documentary marking the 20th anniversary of the tragedy in Dunblane, near Stirling, in which a gunman shot dead 16 pupils and their teacher at a primary school. The film features testimony from a survivor, who was shot as a five year old and details her terrifying experience. It also includes an interview with the headmaster of the school at the time of the shootings, as well as contributions from family members of the survivors and the deceased, including two young women, who talk about sisters they never knew.

Cast & Crew

Director Stephen Bennett
Executive Producer Michael McAvoy
Producer Stephen Bennett