The Shannara Chronicles

Chosen - Part Two

Series 1 - Episode 2 Chosen - Part Two



Part two of two. Amberle prepares to leave Arborlon to find a way to halt the impending demonic apocalypse, and King Eventine receives a timely reminder of the dangers hinted at in the legend of the Ellcrys. Meanwhile, the druid Allanon tracks the Shannara scion Wil to Eretria's home, but discovers the all-important Elfstones have been stolen. Fantasy drama, starring Austin Butler, Poppy Drayton and Ivana Baquero.

Cast & Crew

Wil Ohmsford Austin Butler
Amberle Elessedil Poppy Drayton
Eretria Ivana Baquero
Allanon Manu Bennett
King Eventine John Rhys-Davies
Ander Elessedil Aaron Jakubenko
Arion Daniel MacPherson
Catania Brooke Williams
Commander Tilton Emelia Burns
Cephalo James Remar
Lorin Mattias Inwood
Pyria Sarah Peirse
The Dagda Mor Jed Brophy
Director Jonathan Liebesman
Writer Alfred Gough
Writer Miles Millar
Writer Terry Brooks
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