Ross Kemp's Britain

Child Sexual Exploitation

Series 1 - Episode 2 Child Sexual Exploitation



Watching this heartbreaking documentary, you can’t help but feel sorry for today’s teens, bombarded with extreme sexual imagery and vulnerable to grooming and, in far too many cases, to abuse from their own peers. Ross Kemp is clearly appalled as he travels up and down the country listening to shocking stories from victims, their families and those trying to shine a light on the extent of child sexual exploitation.

What makes it so distressing is that some young people don’t even recognise that they’re being abused. The only hope is that, as we become more aware, we can instil in our children the confidence to recognise the stages of abuse and protect themselves from it. It’s a long road…


The actor explores the disturbing extent of child abuse in the UK, with one in four children sharing sexual images or videos of themselves as well as a growing number addicted to pornography and many having been sexually abused. He meets someone who was encouraged from the age of 12 to perform explicit sex acts on camera to be viewed online and also hears from a former gang member who describes how some gangs entice girls with drink, drugs and presents in order to use them for sex.