Guy Martin's Wall of Death: Behind the Scenes

Guy Martin's Wall of Death: Behind the Scenes


The wall of death – a fairground anachronism that hasn’t lost its power to thrill. Big, noisy motorbikes speeding around the inside of a giant wooden cylinder, riding horizontally but kept up by the workings of speed, centrifugal force and the crowd willing them not to fall, especially when riders steer with their feet.

It’s daredevil mechanics, and who do we look to for daredevil mechanics on television? Guy Martin, of course. But being Guy, he doesn’t want to take on a regular wall of death. He wants to take on the largest wall of death ever built, specially constructed out of shipping containers. Steve Jones presents as Guy tries to set a new world record, and go further and faster than ever before.


Steve Jones presents as motorcycle racer and mechanic Guy Martin attempts to build the world's largest Wall of Death, taking on a stunt that involves riding a motorbike around a vertical wall at high speed. In an programme originally broadcast live, Guy will attempt to go faster and further than ever before, scaling new heights on an enormous wall that has been specially constructed from shipping containers. The programme also shows his training under Ken Fox, as well as looking at the science involved and highlighting the massive G forces he'll need to contend with.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Steve Jones
Presenter Guy Martin
Executive Producer Ewan Keil
Producer Tom Norton