The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story: Conspiracy Theories

The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story: Conspiracy Theories

Series 1



It's particularly masterly of American Crime Story to maintain so much tension, even though audiences doubtless know the OJ Simpson story inside out. After all, we watched it as it went out, live, more than 20 years ago.

This episode is a real thriller, when Simpson's bloodied gloves, found at the scene of the double murder, are entered as evidence. And he tries them on in court, in front of the jury. We know the outcome, and we know it was a turning point in the case. Yet it's still a heart-thumping moment as Simpson (Cuba Gooding Jr) is asked, as if he's a tarnished Cinderella, to see if they fit.


As far-fetched speculations and conspiracy theories distract from the actual facts of the case, detectives work closely with the prosecutors to find flashier evidence for the jury, while Robert Shapiro triggers divisions in the defence team, upsetting their client in the process. Cuba Gooding Jr and John Travolta star.

Cast & Crew

OJ Simpson Cuba Gooding Jr
Robert Shapiro John Travolta
Marcia Clark Sarah Paulson
Johnnie Cochran Courtney B Vance
Christopher Darden Sterling K Brown
Robert Kardashian David Schwimmer
F Lee Bailey Nathan Lane
Judge Lance Ito Kenneth Choi
Det Tom Lange Chris Bauer
Det Philip Van Atter Michael McGrady
Gil Garcetti Bruce Greenwood
Alan Dershowitz Evan Handler
Carl E Douglas Dale Godboldo
Shawn Chapman Angel Parker
AC Cowlings Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Denise Brown Jordana Brewster
Dale Cochran Keesha Sharp
Director Anthony Hemingway
Writer DV DeVincentis
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