Follow the Money

Follow the Money

Series 1 - Episode 3



A working knowledge of the politics of energy supplies might help as you approach the next instalment of the Danish industrial thriller. (“Industrial thriller” is a new genre I’ve just made up.)

Mads, the tattooed, tormented maverick copper – and he has much to be tormented about on the domestic front – is ceaseless in his pursuit of the wind farm company he feels is doing dodgy business.

But of course he’s too restless to be a member of the fraud squad, where much time is spent looking at numbers on computers. Mads wants to be out there, confronting criminal scum and thumping walls with his fist.

And, brace yourselves, there’s much talk of a “super conductor” when we head to an energy conference in Abu Dhabi.


Mads and Alf pusue leads to Energreen's missing traders, while Nicky and Bimse work quickly to dispose of the cash they found in the BMW. Meanwhile, Claudia faces questions from the police, but is promptly - and suspiciously - ordered by Sander to join him at an important energy conference in Abu Dhabi. While there, she is given a taste of the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed by Energreen's management, and witnesses first-hand the way the company's boss operates. Danish crime thriller, starring Thomas Bo Larsen.

Cast & Crew

Mads Thomas Bo Larsen
Claudia Natalie Madueno Wolfsberg
Nicky Esben Smed
Alexander Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Kristina Line Kruse
Bimse Lucas Hansen
Ulrik Lars Simonsen
Esther Iben Ejsing Holdgaard
HR Christiansen Waage Sando
Mogens Henrik Jandorf
The Swede Claes Ljungmark
Jens Kristian Anders Heinrichsen
Director Jannik Johansen
Writer Jeppe Gjervig Gram
Writer Jannik Tai Mosholt
Writer Anders Toft Andersen
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