Medieval London

Series 1 - Episode 1 Medieval London



"Man, this is just disgusting!" moans Dan Snow as he drags out the steaming entrails of a recently killed pig. It certainly is, a trip through the effluent society of medieval London that fairly hums off your screen as Snow shovels horse dung and sniffs sewage. For the full effect, turn to page 19 for our scratch 'n' sniff card. It's hands-on "experiential" TV - a Horrible Histories for grown-ups - and Snow spares us nothing: the maggots, the poo, the close-ups of the blackened fingers of a bubonic plague victim. By the end you'll have a pretty vivid picture of what the streets of London were paved with - and it wasn't gold.


Dan Snow embarks on a grime-filled journey through the histories of three of the world's leading modern cities. He begins with London, using CGI footage and re-enactments to experience life in the capital in the 14th century. He spends a night as a medieval muck-raker, and tries on a pair of wooden platform shoes designed to elevate the wearer above the filth that covered the streets.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dan Snow
Executive Producer Eamon Hardy
Series Producer Sam Starbuck