Episode 4901



Kat and Alfie are suspicious of Jean's reasons for being back in Walford - although her true intentions become clear on a visit to Stacey in prison - and as the day of the swimming gala arrives, a nervous Mick is determined not to let his family down as he attempts to complete a length of the pool. The pressure of being blackmailed is taking its toll on Ian, who gathers what cash he can and meets Rainie in a desperate bid to pay her off once and for all - but his plan goes horribly wrong when a familiar face turns up. Cora is excited when Stan plans a belated birthday treat for her, until she realises she won't have him all to herself.

Cast & Crew

Mick Carter Danny Dyer
Kat Moon Jessie Wallace
Alfie Moon Shane Richie
Jean Slater Gillian Wright
Stacey Branning Lacey Turner
Rainie Cross Tanya Franks
Cora Cross Ann Mitchell
Stan Carter Timothy West
Director Dave Moor
Executive Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins
Writer Jeff Povey
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