Always and Everyone

Always and Everyone

Series 4 - Episode 4



The staff celebrate the publication of Robert's book but the festivities are soured by ominous news of a race riot in town, sparked by the alleged mugging of an elderly man by Asian youths. As tensions simmer and events spiral out of control, Jay gets caught up in the violence - with tragic consequences for the department. Meanwhile, Sam is threatened by her brother's dealer, who demands she steal drugs to pay off his debts. Medical drama, starring Martin Shaw, Ronny Jhutti and Jane Danson.

Cast & Crew

Robert Kingsford Martin Shaw
Stella Cathy Tyson
Christine Fletcher Niamh Cusack
Dr Mike Gregson David Harewood
Louise Macken Esther Hall
Stuart Phelan Paul Warriner
Ajay Verma Ronny Jhutti
Samantha Docherty Jane Danson
Samana Rani Moorthy
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