The Mill

Series 2 - Episode 5



The ground-down mill workers are exhorted by a preacher during Sunday service: “Servants, obey your earthly masters in everything.” But insurrection is thick in the air as the nationwide Chartist movement gathers momentum and men demand the right to have a say in Parliament.

At Quarry Bank union activist Daniel (Matthew McNulty) itches for a fight and urges everyone to join a national strike after their wages are cut yet again. There’s some heavy-handed symbolism as wicked mill boss William Greg insists “we are all in this together” but, unsurprisingly, he doesn’t get a sympathetic hearing.

As the bosses batten down for a walk-out Hannah Greg, who has a nasty case of Costume Drama Cough, needs to speak to Peter, the freed slave.


William is forced to lower wages as the cotton industry feels the impact of the recession, but the news doesn't go down well with Daniel, who believes the workers should withdraw their labour. Preparing for the worst, the boss mobilises troops in the area and appoints John to lead a new band of special constables. Esther's views on strike action change when the consequences of the cuts put her son Billy's life in danger and she joins Daniel at the forefront of the protest. However, when tensions escalate, William arms his men with clubs and sticks. Elsewhere, as Hannah's health declines, she receives a parcel from the plantation in Dominica and is horrified by its contents.

Cast & Crew

Susannah Holly Lucas
Patience Holly Kenny
Mary-Ann Shannon Metcalfe
George Sam Woodcock
Lucy Katherine Rose Morley
James Windell Justin Salinger
George Windell Morgan Watkins
John Howlett Mark Frost
Rebecca Howlett Laura Main
Jack Howlett Joshua Isherwood
Timothy Howlett Ewan Phillips
Abe Whittaker Dave Hill
Will Whittaker Mark Strepan
Esther Kerrie Hayes
Peter Sope Dirisu
William Greg Andrew-Lee Potts
Daniel Matthew McNulty
Ben Chadwick Daniel Scott
Harry Gaskill James Lewis
Boon Ciaran Griffiths
Hannah Greg Barbara Marten
Dr Holland Hugh Simon
John Greg Giles Ford
Molly Lauren McQueen
Tommy Connor Dempsey
Minister John Elkington
Director Bill Anderson
Executive Producer Emily Dalton
Producer Johnathan Young
Writer John Fay
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