Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance

Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance

Series 2 - Episode 1



The artist formerly known as Supernanny returns to our screens with more solid parenting advice. The deal with a Frost series is firm but fair: if we’re prepared to sit through the scenes of aggressive, out-of-control children running riot, our reward will be to pick up some shrewd tips. The programme is packed with them: I defy any parent to watch the programme without at some point thinking, “Hmm, I might try that...”, whether it’s Frost’s advice for helping young teens cope with peer pressure or ways to help over-competitive kids cope with losing.

In this new format she tackles multiple issues at once: as well as mentoring two troubled families she takes her roadshow to shopping centres to dish out on-the-spot lectures – and highlights the decline in kids who can master a simple skill: eating with a knife and fork. But don’t expect a beacon of calmness: this guru gets quite cross.


The childcare expert takes on six-year-old Jack, who leaves his mother battered, bruised and defeated by the battles he wages at bedtime - and is not afraid to take a swing at Jo when she intervenes. Five-year-old superhero fan George makes up to 10 costume changes a day and is unable to concentrate at school, leading to him falling behind. Getting to the root of his obsession could be the way to break his habit.