The Beauty of Anatomy

Galen & Leonardo

Series 1 - Episode 1 Galen & Leonardo



Your heart might sink when Dr Adam Rutherford opens this pop science doc on the art and science of anatomy by observing, “We are our bodies.” But rest assured, there is more beneath superficial inanities as Rutherford enthuses over the beautiful synthesis between anatomical discoveries and the art that illustrated them.

His previous TV series on cells and DNA showed his ability to convey complex concepts in an easily accessible style, which he deploys again here. His linking of the discoveries of second-century Roman anatomist Claudius Galen to the art of Leonardo da Vinci nearly 1,500 years later is full of telling details and complemented by fantastic art. But the highlights have to be Leonardo’s incredible anatomical drawings that Rutherford views “in the flesh” at Windsor Castle. His delight radiates from the screen.


First in a five-part series in which Dr Adam Rutherford investigates the close relationship between discoveries in anatomy and the works of art that illustrate them. He begins by focusing on Roman anatomist Claudius Galen and artist and part-time dissector Leonardo da Vinci.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Adam Rutherford
Executive Producer Brendan Hughes
Series Producer Michael Waterhouse