Series 2 - Episode 4



I found it hard to make out Luther’s final scenes, mainly because the sound of my laughter was drowning the dialogue. If, like me, you are a connoisseur of the ridiculous, you’re going to love this, as Luther slips the bonds of the merely barmy to touch the face of the truly insane.

Naturally the denouement involves Luther (Idris Elba) approaching his high noon; the lone good-guy cowboy taking on the forces of evil, man to man. It’s stupendously ridiculous, but at least no one can accuse Luther of being inconsistent, as it strives to keeps its crown as King of the Crazies.

The entire episode, the last in the series, is shot through with lunacy, so of course there is much to enjoy, notably Luther’s beetle brows and restless maverick brilliance as he pits his incisive mind against that of a serial killer who’s murdering strangers for kicks. It’s hilarious.


The cop is on a knife-edge as he tries to cover up a death, appease the suspicious Baba and protect Jenny from any further harm. But his problems do not end there - with a killer at large whose actions are ruled by a roll of the dice, he has no way of predicting the next move. Despite a moment of doubt, he puts his plan into action - and is dragged deeper into the criminal world than ever before.

Cast & Crew

DCI John Luther Idris Elba
Det Supt Martin Schenk Dermot Crowley
DS Justin Ripley Warren Brown
DS Erin Gray Nikki Amuka-Bird
Benny `Deadhead' Silver Michael Smiley
Jenny Jones Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Caroline Jones Kierston Wareing
Baba Pam Ferris
Toby Kent David Dawson
Frank Hodge Alan Williams
Nicholas/Robert Millberry Steven Robertson
Richard Gardiner Jamie Richards
DCS Linda Carroway Ellie Haddington
Joe Shepherd Stephen Boxer
Director Sam Miller
Producer Katie Swinden
Writer Neil Cross
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