Royal Marines Commando School

Royal Marines Commando School

Series 1 - Episode 1



The main thing you need to know about this military training doc is that it’s made by the people who brought us Educating Yorkshire. So because it uses the same filming techniques, it can capture scenes like the one early on where a recruit called James decides – at the last possible minute – that he doesn’t want to take his enrolment oath, and then has hushed discussions with officers over why the hell not.

A regular film crew might have missed it, but the Big-Brother-style fixed rig here misses nothing. The result is brilliantly watchable, with less of the usual military machismo and more on the simple human details – would-be Marines being taught exactly how to soap their private parts, for instance… The recruits’ nemesis and our guide is bug-eyed drill instructor Corporal “Froggy” Chauffour. Yes, he’s French.


Behind the scenes at the Royal Marines' Commando Training Centre in Devon, home to one of the most arduous basic military training programmes in the world. This edition follows 56 fresh recruits during their first two weeks at the facility, where their every waking hour is controlled by their drill instructor, Corporal `Froggy' Chauffour, a Frenchman with a passion for discipline and high standards. Struggling to cope with the gruelling demands of their new routine, some question their decision to join up, while others have their career cut short before it's even begun.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Dan Adamson
Executive Producer David Clews
Executive Producer Andrew Mackenzie-Betty
Series Director Grace Reynolds
Series Director Alex Kohler
Series Producer Grace Reynolds
Series Producer Alex Kohler
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