Doctor Zhivago

Series 1 - Episode 2



The horrors of World War One unexpectedly bring Yury and Lara together, and the pair battle against their growing mutual attraction. However, in the chaos and uncertainty of the revolution, the pair try to maintain some sense of normality and return to their spouses - but fate conspires to throw them together again. Keira Knightley and Hans Matheson star.

Cast & Crew

Lara Antipova Keira Knightley
Yury Zhivago Hans Matheson
Vassya Vojtech Rohlicek
Mikulytsin Rudolf Pellar
Pasha Antipov / Stelnikov Kris Marshall
Tonya Zhivago Alexandra Maria Lara
Victor Komarovsky Sam Neill
Olya Demina Anne-Marie Duff
Mischa Gordon Daniele Liotti
Director Giacomo Campiotti
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Producer Anne Pivcevic
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