Million Dollar Intern

History Studios

Series 1 - Episode 2 History Studios



This new reality series starts, as they tend to do, with a preview montage of scandalously out-of-context excerpts that make it look far more dramatic than it really is. That said, it's still an enjoyable tweak to the retail-rescue formula popularised by the likes of Mary Portas and Gordon Ramsay.

Here, dynamic young entrepreneur Gary works incognito at an ailing fancy-dress photography studio, using his hotshot business nose to sniff out potential improvements. At first he seems a bit cocky, but you soon warm to him as he reels off a procession of pragmatic, profit-boosting ideas, largely aimed at whipping the clueless sales team into shape. It's formulaic, but fun.


Entrepreneur Gary Martin goes undercover in History Studios, a photographic historical costume experience, to discover why the business is failing. Owners Patricia and Mohammed are terrified they cannot cover their costs, and that bankruptcy might be looming. Revealing his true identity, Gary suggests that targeting customers other than tourists may offer them salvation.