Coronation Street

Coronation Street




For ages now, we’ve been yelling, “Wake up, Marcus!” whenever the wool has been pulled over his eyes by the conniving Todd. I mean, he’s not exactly the talented Mr Ripley, is he? Every scene featuring Todd ends with him smirking and swirling a drink around in its glass like some gleeful roué. Short of wearing a sandwich board emblazoned with “I’m up to no good”, I’m not sure what else he could do.

At last, though, the loose-lipped Sean – who in another life must have been one of the Mirror’s 3am Girls – blurts out that Todd has had another man staying over behind Marcus’s back. Finally, the truth is out!


Gail's doubts about Michael grow as Kylie and David continue to feed her suspicions, but she is forced to apologise when he turns up with the receipt for the TV he gave her. Sean discovers Todd has had another man staying over, and blurts the information out to Marcus. Meanwhile, Alya is concerned that her one-night stand with Gary is behind the break-up of his relationship, so she goes to talk to an oblivious Izzy, and Faye admits to Gary she has a crush on a lad in the year above at school.

Cast & Crew

Gail McIntyre Helen Worth
Michael Rodwell Les Dennis
David Platt Jack P Shepherd
Kylie Platt Paula Lane
Sean Tully Antony Cotton
Todd Grimshaw Bruno Langley
Marcus Dent Charlie Condou
Alya Nazir Sair Khan
Gary Windass Mikey North
Izzy Armstrong Cherylee Houston
Faye Windass Ellie Leach
Director Tim Finn
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Writer Martin Allen
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