Andy’s told that the damage to his arm could be permanent, but girlfriend Bernice isn’t exactly coming up with the support he needs. First of all she offers to give him a spritz of fake tan to improve his colour, then makes a crass comment about having her own bionic man about the house. Not exactly what Andy wants to hear when his entire livelihood is at risk.

Over at the Woolpack, Dan’s alpha-male brother Daz (played by former Heartbeat star Mark Jordon) has turned up, fresh from a tour of duty in Helmand. But his boasts and jokey headlocks instantly get on his sibling’s nerves.


Hour-long episode. Frustrated after learning he may have permanent nerve damage, Andy leaves the hospital and lashes out at Adam, who makes the situation worse as he tries to defend himself. Against Donna's advice, Ross steals the factory keys from Jai and lets himself into the building, taking petty cash and valuables. He then leaves the corrupt cop a box of chocolates, which she soon discovers is actually the proceeds of the burglary. She heads to confront him, but unable to fight her feelings they end up kissing. Lisa catches Sam with Tracy and immediately grows suspicious of her motives when Nicola asks about the phone bill. Charity tells Declan it's too early to even think about trying for a baby and Dan receives a visit from his brother Daz (former Heartbeat star Mark Jordon).