Two and a Half Men

Corey's Been Dead for an Hour

Series 4 - Episode 9 Corey's Been Dead for an Hour



Alan tries to leave Charlie with the restaurant bill during a double date, but his frustrated brother plays him at his own game. Comedy, starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer and Angus T Jones.

Cast & Crew

Charlie Harper Charlie Sheen
Alan Harper Jon Cryer
Jake Harper Angus T Jones
Rose Melanie Lynskey
Gordon JD Walsh
Stephan `Bobby' Wasserstein James Edson
Nina Rachel Cannon
Vicki Danielle Bisutti
Snack bar cashier Shon Little
Middle-aged guy Brendan Patrick Connor
Teenage boy Daniel Benson
Teenage girl 1 Annie Mumolo
Teenage girl 2 Ashley Edner
Director Gary Halvorson
Writer Chuck Lorre
Writer Lee Aronsohn
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