The Witches of Oz

The Witches of Oz

Series 1 - Episode 1

Saturday 1pm - 2:50pm Syfy


Part one of two. Fantasy adventure starring Paulie Rojas as Dorothy Gale, an author of children's books based on the land of Oz created by her grandfather. Heading to New York following an offer of representation by a large agency, Dorothy discovers the world she has been writing about is based on reality and the Wicked Witch of the West has plans for global domination - so she and her friends try to stop the inhabitants of Oz taking over. Also starring Billy Boyd, Eliza Swenson, Lance Henriksen and Christopher Lloyd.

Cast & Crew

Dorothy Gale Paulie Rojas
Nick Chopper Billy Boyd
Billie Westbrook Eliza Swenson
Ilsa Sasha Jackson
Frank Jeffrey Combs
Frack Sean Astin
Frick Ethan Embry
Princess Langwidere Mia Sara
Henry Gale Lance Henriksen
The Wizard of Oz Christopher Lloyd
Director Leigh Scott
Executive Producer Christopher Campbell
Producer Eliza Swenson
Producer Christopher Campbell
Writer Leigh Scott
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