Kerry’s wedding was already set to be quite a spectacle, what with the bride’s big fat gypsy dress and plans for cheese-and-pineapple hedgehogs and bowls of Angel Delight at the reception.

But events have now taken a massively melodramatic turn thanks to Kerry being found in the arms of Dan’s no-good brother Daz. Obviously, the groom-to-be is now having second thoughts. After all, his first wife turned out to be a lesbian and his second ended up being jailed (albeit wrongly) for murder. We do hope that Dan and Kerry work things out, but viewers had better prepare themselves for police sirens rather than church bells.


Hour-long episode. It's the morning of the wedding and Kerry tries to convince Dan the kiss was all Daz's doing, but with little success. Upset after her emotional plea, the bride waits outside the church hoping for the arrival of the groom, but as everyone prepares for the ceremony to begin, there's no sign of him. Marlon's continuing concern for Donna drives a wedge between Laurel and him, while Katie tells Andy he must move on from the kiss as she doesn't want to lose him as a friend. A mysterious man arrives in the village trying to find out about Finn.