Long Lost Family

Long Lost Family

Series 4 - Episode 2



Pauline, who’s 77, spent a lonely, disconnected childhood brought up by adoptive parents who never wholeheartedly showed her any real affection. She was desperate for siblings, for “somebody to play with, somebody I could confide in”. Aged 28, Pauline learnt she had a brother.

Denise, 44, was given up for adoption as a baby. But her adoptive mother died when Denise was just 16 and ever since, she’s keenly felt the lack of such a crucial figure in her life.

In an incredibly moving programme, Long Lost Family takes up searches that seemed to have gone cold. What emerges strips away all the pains of the past and will restore your faith in human nature. It will probably make you cry, too.


Sara Price-Parker, 44, decided to trace her birth mother Denise after the death of her adoptive mum, but her 25-year search ended in disappointment when she discovered her parent had emigrated to Jamaica in the 1970s. Sara is now turning to Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell as her last hope to establish contact. Pauline Wood, 77, always longed for a sibling to play with while growing up as an adopted only child. At the age of 28, she learned her birth parents later got married and had a son, but the quest to find her brother has gone on for decades to no avail.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Davina McCall
Presenter Nicky Campbell
Director Sally Benton
Director Clare Bradbury
Executive Producer Colette Flight
Producer Sally Benton
Producer Clare Bradbury
Series Producer Kate Scholefield
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