Friday Night Dinner

The Fox

Series 3 - Episode 2 The Fox



A lovely, simple, madly eccentric premise for this episode sets the dominoes toppling across the Goodman family get-together. The thing is, it would be a shame to say exactly what the McGuffin is that dad Martin has hidden in the garage freezer, unbeknown to Jackie, because the reveal is such a great moment.

So imagine the perverse predilections of Martin and let your imagination run wild – writer Robert Popper certainly did. Having narrowly avoided Jackie discovering his secret, Martin then has to rope in his sons, sorry “bambinos”, to help him shift it around – and mad neighbour Jim becomes collateral damage. Slick direction and plausible acting means we believe the farce that follows just enough for it to be stupidly, splutteringly funny.


Continuing the third series of Robert Popper's award-winning comedy about the Goodmans' family gatherings. Dad has been secretly hiding a dead fox in the outside freezer as he wants to get it stuffed, but when Mum almost finds out, he enlists the help of Adam and Jonny to stash the carcass elsewhere. Tracy-Ann Oberman (best known for her role as Chrissie Watts in EastEnders) makes her third appearance as Aunty Val, starring alongside Simon Bird, Paul Ritter, Tamsin Greig, Tom Rosenthal and Mark Heap.

Cast & Crew

Adam Simon Bird
Jonny Tom Rosenthal
Mum Tamsin Greig
Dad Paul Ritter
Jim Mark Heap
Aunty Val Tracy-Ann Oberman
Director Martin Dennis
Executive Producer Caroline Leddy
Producer Robert Popper
Writer Robert Popper
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