Coronation Street

Coronation Street

Episode 8414



It’s been a quarter of a century since teenage tearaway Steve McDonald arrived on the Street and gleefully drove an industrial digger through Alf Roberts’s shop window. These days the closest Steve gets to high jinks is when he practises his Gangnam Style moves with daughter Amy in the back room of the Rovers. No wonder he’s feeling glum as he reaches his 40th birthday. Can Michelle get him out of his funk or is Steve destined to wallow in self-pity?

For modern-day reprobates, though, we need look no further than Kylie Platt, whose love-letter stunt has backfired. Cue furious blinking and hands-on-hips outrage from Gail.


Gary begs Alya not to tell Izzy about their one-night stand, while Michelle tries to persuade Steve to stop wallowing in self-pity and attend his birthday party. Gail is horrified when an embarrassed Michael shows her the love letter she supposedly wrote to him, and Tracy takes a shine to the charm bracelet at Deirdre's, so she claims it as her own. Carla tells a peeved Sally she can apply for the new PA role - a job she assumed was already hers.

Cast & Crew

Gary Windass Mikey North
Alya Sair Khan
Michelle Connor Kym Marsh
Steve McDonald Simon Gregson
Gail McIntyre Helen Worth
Michael Rodwell Les Dennis
Tracy Barlow Kate Ford
Carla Barlow Alison King
Sally Webster Sally Dynevor
Director Di Patrick
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Writer Chris Fewtrell
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