Beaten by My Boyfriend

Beaten by My Boyfriend


One in four women has suffered abuse from her partner or an ex, and increasingly the victims are very young. BBC3’s cub reporter Stacey Dooley visits a short-staffed, overflowing refuge, shadows Lancashire police – who deal with 9,000 domestic abuse cases a year – and listens in on phone calls to the National Centre for Domestic Violence.

The statistics ought to speak for themselves but it’s these sobbed stories that really sicken, whatever your age. Dooley even locks horns with Theresa May over recent cuts in funding, pointing out Britain has more refuges for animals than for battered women.


With one in four women and one in six men in the UK suffering abuse in their lifetimes, Stacey Dooley looks into domestic violence in young people's relationships. She speaks to victims and perpetrators to try to understand the issues surrounding the attacks, and joins Lancashire police officers as they tackle some of the 9,000 cases of abuse they investigate every year. Stacey also talks to Theresa May and gains access to the National Centre for Domestic Violence.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Stacey Dooley
Contributor Theresa May
Director Juliette Murray-Topham
Executive Producer Hannah Wyatt
Producer Juliette Murray-Topham