Episode 6899



We’ve been waiting for weeks to see the secret about Adam’s paternity come spilling out and now the night finally arrives. The bombshell comes thanks to that trusted soap standby: the revelatory videotape that characters end up watching in shocked silence.

We’ve seen such moments on EastEnders (the Christmas reveal of Max and Stacey’s affair) and Corrie (Gail learning that Lewis had done a runner with her cash), so prepare for reactions along the same lines as an old VHS featuring James and his ex-wife Emma causes an almighty row. Moira’s world collapses and James gets a punch…


A disgusted Adam hits James after discovering his mum slept with him, while Moira tracks Cain down at the cemetery, but he's unable to deal with her lies and walks away. Chasing after her husband, she reveals there's one more secret she has been keeping. Leyla tells Jai she wants to invest her money in his business and Dan asks Sean to be best man at the wedding.