Hitler's Jurassic Monsters

Hitler's Jurassic Monsters


I won’t lie to you, I was snagged into watching Hitler’s Jurassic Monsters by the lurid title. It will not surprise you to learn that it’s one of those bombastic documentaries full of DUN DUN DUN!-type music and where the narrator says these actual words: “Only now can the full story be told.”

Among dramatic reconstructions featuring actors with false moustaches looking through magnifying glasses is a strange story about the Third Reich’s plans to breed mighty prehistoric beasts. Herman Goering, a passionate hunter, had dreams of a glorious forest in conquered Eastern Europe where Aryan men could hunt enormously powerful animals, notably the auroch, a brutal forerunner of domestic cattle.


Documentary revealing Nazi plans to recreate extinct animals and release them into the wild of Poland's Bialowieza Forest so they could be hunted. Hitler enlisted his finest scientific minds to put the idea - dreamed up by Goering and Dr Lutz Heck - into action, and they came close to changing the course of evolution.