Timeshift: Hotel Deluxe

Timeshift: Hotel Deluxe

Series 11



For most, a five-star hotel is a taste of glamour. This excellent documentary tells the story of London’s palaces for plutocrats from the 1920s on, with some excellent archive. It’s a pleasure to watch the parade of wealth and privilege in a world turned upside down by the founder of the Hilton chain, Conrad Hilton.

Among wide-ranging contributors, the highlight is a cameo by Lord Carnarvon at the refurbished Ritz in 1981, an extraordinary blend of irascibility, courtesy and menace.


Exploring how some of the world's most famous hotels, including the Savoy, the Ritz and the Dorchester, became internationally renowned as the epitome of luxurious living, and the ways in which they have adapted to the needs of new generations of wealthy clients. The film examines the origins of the prestigious establishments, and offers an insight into the methods they employ to live up to the standards of the most exacting customers. Narrated by Fenella Fielding.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Fenella Fielding
Director Merryn Threadgould
Executive Producer Michael Poole
Producer Merryn Threadgould
Series Producer Ben Southwell