Born in the Wild


Series 1 - Episode 2 Kangaroo



If you’ve ever answered a child’s question about kangaroo joeys with a vague reference to a pouch, pay close attention. The truth about marsupial reproduction is bizarrely fascinating. As part of their look at how animals mate, give birth and raise their young in tough places, Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg travel to Australia to watch kangaroos in action.

Mark hangs out with the boys – crouching near a watering hole in the darkened outback, likening it to a dodgy pick-up joint – while Joy is at a kangaroo sanctuary, seeing a tiny newborn make the staggering climb through its mother’s fur to the safety of the pouch. Courtesy of Australia’s supremely well-adapted wildlife, there’s also sex up a tree, a four-headed penis and the kind of “helpful bacteria” you don’t get in a yoghurt drink – and it’s all vividly conveyed.


Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg visit Australia to uncover the reproductive secrets of marsupials. The kangaroo thrives in one of the driest environments on Earth - the Outback - thanks to its extreme baby-making survival strategy. At a remote research station, Mark uses night-imaging cameras to observe wild males tracking down fertile mates, while Joy uses ultrasound to monitor the progress of a female's pregnancy. Plus, how koalas have mastered gravity-defying intercourse, and the critically endangered rock wallabies that are being given foster mothers.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Mark Evans
Presenter Joy Reidenberg
Director Roeland Doust
Executive Producer Jamie Lochhead
Executive Producer David Dugan
Producer Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe
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