Three Men Go to Venice

Three Men Go to Venice

Series 6 - Episode 2



“A theme park on water” is how the Three Men describe Venice when they eventually get there. But they’re still seduced, just as they (and we) are seduced by the Croatian islands that they hop between on the way there.

The notional climax of the trip is to take part in a rowing race up the Grand Canal but when it arrives, it’s not a major Venetian event but a quick head-to-head between crews from a local club. That’s the way with this programme: it likes to talk things up but at heart it’s a series of quirkily enjoyable picture postcards, which this week include Dara scuba diving, Rory blowing glass and Griff stark naked.


Rory McGrath, Dara O Briain and Griff Rhys Jones encounter difficulties travelling along the Adriatic out of season, but manage to locate Europe's largest nudist colony outside the Roman city of Pula. When they finally arrive in Venice, they are immediately thrown into training for the gondola race, and Rory heads for the island of Murano - home to the lagoon city's famous glass-makers - to create a suitable trophy to present to the winner.