Coronation Street

Coronation Street




Carla Barlow is always at her best when she’s under pressure. She’s one of those classic Corrie heroines for whom backbone has been built on a lifetime of misery and distress.

And situations don’t come much more distressing than the one she finds herself in this evening: yes, the police are taking her in for further questioning about a crime she didn’t commit, leaving Carla wondering whether the murder will be pinned on her. No wonder she ends up flipping out at the factory, getting plastered and slagging off the dearly departed in front of Tina’s mum, Ann. Something tells me she won’t be very welcome at the upcoming funeral.


Hour-long episode. Sporting a shiner, a bitter Gary puts his failure at the job interview down to his black eye, but is shocked when Owen finally snaps and reveals that Anna slept with Phelan to keep him out of prison. Carla returns to the factory after further questioning from the police and throws a client out, before drunkenly ranting about Tina in front of Ann. Sally and Tim's friends gather in the Rovers to witness the proposal, while Jenna is disappointed when Lloyd says he wants to take Andrea on holiday. Elsewhere, Todd admits to Tony that he's only interested in Marcus's money.

Cast & Crew

Gary Windass Mikey North
Owen Armstrong Ian Puleston-Davies
Carla Barlow Alison King
Ann McIntyre Lorraine Hodgson
Sally Webster Sally Dynevor
Tim Metcalfe Joe Duttine
Jenna Kamara Krissi Bohn
Lloyd Mullaney Craig Charles
Todd Grimshaw Bruno Langley
Tony Stewart Terence Maynard
Director Terry Dyddgen-Jones
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Stuart Blackburn
Writer Jan McVerry
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