One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 6 - Episode 1



This time we’re in the busiest maternity unit in the West Country – Southmead Hospital in Bristol – where three couples are preparing to give birth. They’re all in different situations: Su is due to have a caesarean section because her baby is in the breech position, Mel is expecting twins (and she’s a twin herself) while Katy thinks she’s going to have another girl.

As always it’s touching, dramatic and funny in turn, especially some of the scenes involving Su and her partner Dan because they’re such characters. However, there’ll also be times you’re holding your breath in anticipation when you really should be panting.


Return of the documentary capturing daily life on the busy maternity ward in Southmead Hospital, Bristol. Mel, 35, is expecting fourth-generation twins and when her waters break, the expectant mum has to choose whether husband Chris or her identical twin sister Cheryl will be her birthing partner. Larger-than-life Su, 36, felt she had hit the jackpot when she met younger man Dan, 28, and the couple arrive at Southmead in high spirits. Their baby is in breech so the couple have been booked for a Caesarean - but their plans soon change. Meanwhile, Rob is praying for a son as partner Katy is rushed to the delivery suite.

Cast & Crew

Director Holly Moy
Executive Producer Sarah Swingler
Producer Holly Moy
Series Producer Amy Joyce