Greatest 80's Movies

Greatest 80s Movies


The viewers of Channel 5 have spoken, and their message is “we love the 1980s”. Selected via an audience vote, this countdown of films from the decade when the hair was big and the shoulder pads were bigger also features commentary from the stars of the day. Corey Feldman and Zach Galligan talk Goonies and Gremlins, Judd Nelson remembers running with the Brat Pack and there’s Paul Hogan on “Crocodile” Dundee, the film that exported croc-wrestling bush survival and a fixed notion of Australian manhood to the rest of the world.


Ronni Ancona narrates a countdown of viewers' favourite films from the decade, including ET, Top Gun, Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Christopher Lloyd chats about playing Doc Brown in the Back to the Future franchise, Breakfast Club star Judd Nelson reveals what life was really like in the Brat Pack and Corey Feldman recalls the first time he saw the pirate ship on the set of The Goonies. Zach Galligan shares the secrets of how the mogwai were brought to life in Gremlins and Paul Hogan talks about the success of Crocodile Dundee.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Ronni Ancona
Contributor Christopher Lloyd
Contributor Judd Nelson
Contributor Corey Feldman
Contributor Zach Galligan
Contributor Paul Hogan
Director Sasha Brogden
Executive Producer Emma Clarke
Executive Producer Andrew Newman
Executive Producer Matt Crook
Producer Sasha Brogden
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